Saturday, 31 July 2010

"...it won't be long / till I belong to you... "

I love to surround myself mainly by musicians, better with Classical studies on their shoulders.

This is an exception, this is a sketch of a policewoman (I already mentioned her in some earlier entry), whom I call the Marshal Lady, impossible to have a picture of hers...!  Therefore, I had no other chance than making a drawing "by memory" of her face, coal on canvas...
...why this?  Because the canvas allows me to disguise certain mistakes of mine :-))
She dozn know of this blog, I guess she's gonna put me under restrains after finding out *wink!*

The starlet, in a pause while playing Grand Piano for me...
Chopin, precisely... her name means "knowledge" in ancient Greek...

The Harp professor Lady, this woman
masters several musical instruments...
and not only...
Again one of my closes Lady-Friends, who doesn't want absolutely to be pictured....
I will always be in awe for Ladies in Mission-Impossible Boots: this is MD. Dalyla from Sydney.
This woman works today for an investigating agency, and has recorded two electroacoustic folk albums and one single on Polydor in the mid-70's, but later on she "renegaded" them... I tried my best to convince her to let them be reissued, but no way; Of the two albums I mentioned, the second was regularly recorded, but Polydor, despite contracts and committments, NEVER issued it, no one knows the reason why.  However, all her music doesn't exist on CD, shame, coz without her permission I can't publish them, and she keeps me constantly under control!!  Her job compels her to travel round the world, hard for her to keep it up with her things at home.... So years ago she donated her albums to me, trusting that I would have kept them completely safe and healthy for the forthcoming centuries, which of course is what I am doing  :-))

...and the number one Gothic Lady existing!
Better not to express any comments (altho positive) about her, you never know what her reactions may be.
Fundamentally people love her lunacy and her evergreen "Spiegel an der Wand" narcissismus!
In one word: the return of MD Brutal

Dulcis in fundo: the magic Orchestra conductor, Maestro Karl VI
A musician of other times, great knowledge and deep vertical sensitivity,
someone who really has a lot to teach, difficult to find such good maesters, nowadays
*KISS* from your Countess-in-standby,
this time in  FULL WHITE. :-))

The next post will be one among these:

EVERLY BROTHERS - Instant party! (probably the first gimmick cover ever released)
BEACH BOYS - Party! (with 15 extra photos included)
BEATLES - Let it be (vv. editions, big book, single)
BEATLES - In Italy (Q.: which was the original first edition? A.: the one on red/silver label!)
BEATLES - various singles on Americal labels: Tollie, Swan, Vee-Jay
BEATLES - Various Italian singles with sleeves
ROLLING STONES - Out of our heads (vv. different editions)
AMBROSE SLADE - Beginnings / Ballzy (vv. different editions)
U2 - the first four CBS singles each on coloured vinyl, Ireland-pressed only
VELVET UNDERGROUND - the various first edition Banana-covers

............ didn't yet decide what......

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