Friday, 5 November 2010

PETER HAMMILL - Happy Birthday

Thanks for those unforgettable masterpieces that helped me discover new directions through my adolescence years :-)

Foto above:
The book "Killers, angels, refugees", first edition, was released in 1974.  I met Peter for my first time, in 1975, during the sound check of the fresh reunited VDGG concert, he was changing the strings to his guitar, and I asked if  I could keep the "old" ones :).  Once again, I recorded that concert. He also signed the book for me, and from that time I know that his birthday falls today. 62 years so far.

I will never forget the very first time that I saw Van Der Graaf live, it was in 1972, in Florence, at the Space Electronic! I recorded the concert, the COMPLETE concert, and I still have it today.  But in those middle-age years, some friends borrowed the tape from me and one of them (named DP, who was a fanatic trader) did a scrap copy on a C-60 cassette and let it tour the whole world.  Therefore today we have the bad copy of that concert around, where the gig is incomplete, and also the title sequence is wrong. You can find it even in one of these blogs! They claim that the concert is entire - LOL!  The worst is that "Refugees", marvellous song that the band played as an encore, is cut, because this "friend" didn't have a C-90 tape to copy my concert on, in its completeness...  So, maybe one of these times I'll make a new scan of this recording and will post it here :-)
For REAL VDGG fans only! :-)

For HAMMILL and VAN DER GRAAF lovers, please see my "Hommage" that I posted months ago:

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