Monday, 24 May 2010


This morning I got a very nice letter from a great friend of mine, Peter. 
So far we were just "online friends", but from today our friendship increased because we both have gay preferences, and we both found a way to tell it to each other!  :-)  Isn't it nice?  So thank you again for your kindness and closeness! :-)
The not easy thing, now, was to choose a picture to celebrate this mutual outing, so among the 100000000  I have, I decided to post this, a labyrinth of the Renaissance age, in order to represent two things: first, the  complexity of the human mind and soul, and second, how easy - instead - is to find a way out and a way in if you just manage to put yourself above the (fighting) parts...
As a musical tip, I might suggest to listen to a great album by Nucleus, "Labyrinth", exactly, which for me is their best, and specifically to the song "Ariadne", where a gorgeous Norma Winstone gives an exceptional performance, something which I find no less than adorable!


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