Tuesday, 25 May 2010


While writing the text for my Floh De Cologne album, last night, I decided to add a picture of my Butcher album, but then I realized how neglected is the poor "Trunk Cover" edition of "Yesterday and today"... Everybody selling souls for the Butcher album and no one ever interested in this trunk foto, which at that time had the duty to hold distance from the terrible "butcher menace", while humanity could keep sleeping tranquil slumbers, same as it ever was (with the only exception of Lennon's declaration about being more famous than Christ)...

The cover of the EP "Strawberry fileds forever" / "And your bird can sing" / "Penny Lane" / "I'm only sleeping", published in France in 1968, on Odeon /MEO 134. According to the authoritative magazine "BEATLOLOGY" (Jan/Feb. 2000, p. 20), only two photos were taken from this trunk session, and this second picture appeared only two years later on this French EP.

 The first Trunk cover, 1966 (where no leaflet has been stuck on the original Butcher foto underneath) and the French EP, 1968.

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