Friday, 28 May 2010

SCHUBERT... Impossible

SCHUBERT - Piano sonata D 960 - Lazar Berman, Piano (EMI Angel, 1978)
This album is something divine for me. This Klaviersonata is already a masterpiece itself, and Berman in my opinion gives an interpretation that isn't second to anyone.
Franz Schubert wrote this Sonata wo months before he died in 1828, at the untimely age of 31, heavily ill, in deep pauperty and abandoned by almost all who knew him. A friend reported a comment of the musician: "sometimes it seems to me as though I no longer belong to this world..."  Nevertheless 1828 was an extremely creative year for him, with deep and mature masterworks coming out of his pen, things that influenced legions of other musicians for generations. 
Unfortunately this LP of mine was not new when I bought it, and also not exactly in perfect conditions, so from 1978 I've been searching like hell for a better copy, even from other classical music lovers whom I know... but without success.  Finally I ran into a digital reissue thru internet! So at last, THIRTY years later, this extraordinary works leads me to heaven again with its clean and noble sound..!   It's one of those albums that I always carry with myself on my Ipod 160 GB... I know there may be really quite a few people interested among those visiting me, but I anyway decided to share this Sonata  here, because the best I can wish to you all is that you too get tears coming when listening to this music... So please check the column on the right side and enjoy!  :-)

For collectors: the EMI Angel label on the USA editons. Precisely, the second variation of the label....  But if we also consider the "Seraphim", this must be counted as the third.

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