Sunday, 13 June 2010


A few days ago, a splendid police woman, after spinning her web from afar, blocked me at the airport by the control gates, for reasons and misunderstandings which have been eventually cleared by me... so, while the whole situation came to a happy ending for both parts, we both felt like finding ourselves on the verge of a possible 'happy start', actually  ;-) ... 
Definitely not the easy going gurl you see in the photo, during the airport controversy "my" Marshallin showed a middle-temperatured kindness and a special aura, a combination that had the power to make me long for a mutual deeper knowledge, which is what we both seem to be planning for the next week....  We know that certain operators of public order have easier access to a wide range of datas, at almost any level of privacy, so I can only imagine that she's visiting this page now and, after recognizing herself as the protagonist of this script, she'll be sweetly smiling meanwhile  :-)))

I'll be travelling to München in the next week, and every time I go there I need to cut myself a space for visitng the extraordinary Nymphenburg, with its Rococo Castle and endless gardens... I will be lost in airport dreams (banal expression, I know, but realistic enough) and no better definition could be used in this case than naming Frau BH my primadonna .....
Nell'attesa di averti sotto i miei artigli inguantati... corri, fuggi, se puoi, ma non servirà.

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