Friday, 18 June 2010

GILA - Bury my heart at Wounded Knee (Warner Bros. 1973)

"Who is the gila? a serpent...?"
Yes, also a very dangerous desert reptile, very much used for the "meat" they fix you with in so many fastfood hamburgers, but in our case is a band who made three albums, their third is "Bury my heart at Wounded Knee", ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED !!!

The covers, the insert and the original label of "Bury my heart". The cover shows mistakes in the title sequence and as to the drummer's name.  This album came out as the second of the group in 1973, but in 1999 a live album of the band was posthumously released on CD, named "Night Works", it was recorded in 1972, therefore to this day "Bury my heart" turns to be the band's third LP.  It is commonly known that the original master tapes have been lost, so the CD edition is taken from a vinyl copy, same as it was for Amazing Blondel's first LP.  I have already explained in the past: following my blog rules I'll not post this album here, because it's already available in some other blogs around.  Just search a little bit with Cap'nkrawl and you'll find it without problems. But maybe I should consider making an exception this time, because my copy is in absolutely immaculate conditions... For those who already know this LP, please notice that the new CD edition adds one bonus track! For those who don't know this beauty, happy discovery!! :-))  Gila's albums are all worth having, so get them while you can!


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