Friday, 18 June 2010

18 and 20 JUNE: HAPPY 68th BIRTHDAY


born 18th June 1942
and to
born 20th June 1942
With thanks for "Sgt. Pepper" and "Pet sounds"

SGT PEPPER - The UK (Parlophone) and the USA (Capitol) editions
Both editions came out with an inner sleeve (above) with a painting by the Dutch artists "Fool".

 The original Mono UK label
The original Italian stereo label, with the eternal misspelling "Parlophon" where the final "E" lacked!!

 ...and this above is the original stereo Nigerian (!!) label  :)

the original USA Capitol label
On the USA vinyl, each song has its own separate band. And poor Mr. Kyte has no exclamation point!

From Sgt Pepper, just one single was extracted, but it was a Juke-Box edition, not for regular market sale.  And moreover, the single was released only in Italy. See it here below:

Surprisingly enough, the song "A day in the life" is present in its entirety!


Pet Sounds, the original USA cover and the rainbow label
the back cover
Brian Wilson on tour with "Pet sounds", an extraordinary performance, recorded in 2003. I found this in Australia, it's in NTSC format, protected against the PAL, but with a little help from "DVD Shrink".... ;)

the CD cover


coming soon : SMILE (2004)


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